As an added value to our clients, we are proud to feature the services of Maria Muenz of The Pardon Group.  The Pardon Group is a Calgary based organization focused on helping people put their criminal past behind them, whether for employment, immigration, or travel purposes.  Please note that unlike most criminal law services, pardons, waivers, and record suspensions do not have to be processed by a lawyer, and Maria Muenz is not herself a lawyer.

Pardons & Record Suspension

A Record Suspension, formerly called Pardon, is a document ordered by the Parole Board of Canada under the Criminal Records Act (CRA) to have one’s criminal record, held by Federal Departments and Agencies, kept separate and apart from other criminal records pursuant to Section 6(2) of the CRA.

A Record Suspension may not be recognized by a foreign government and may, therefore, not guarantee an individual entry into a country. It is advisable that you inform yourself on the travel or visa requirements of the country you plan to visit by contacting its local embassy or consulate.

If you have, as part of your sentence, received a weapons prohibition order, the Record Suspension will not remove or cancel the effects of such order.

Furthermore, the person awarded a Record Suspension should be aware that the Parole Board of Canada has the authority to revoke the Record Suspension should he or she subsequently be convicted of a Summary Offence or engage him/herself in undesirable, unlawful conduct, that is, conduct that involves the intervention of police or the courts.

Also, the Record Suspension automatically ceases to have effect should you be convicted of an Indictable offence.

Since February of 2012, the Parole Board of Canada has made significant changes to the Criminal Records Act, making it now a more involved and complex process. Since the Parole Board of Canada must now be absolutely certain that those applying for a Record Suspension have, since their last conviction, been in good conduct, the application process for granting a Pardon involves a thorough investigation done on those individuals applying for Record Suspensions.

In cases where an individual has received a subsequent charge for which he obtained: a) a conditional or absolute discharge, b) a withdrawal of charges, or c) a peace bond, etc., he must provide a full explanation of the circumstances of that charge to the Parole Board of Canada when submitting his Record Suspension application.

Once an individual has been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada, unless he applies to the Parole Board of Canada for a Record Suspension, his criminal record will never cease to exist.

The processing time in obtaining your Record Suspension, from start to finish, may take, depending on the number of convictions and different court locations where your case was heard, anywhere from 9 to 24 months.

Why the Pardon Group?

Maria and her team of experts have worked in the Pardon Group for well over a decade. Since they work exclusively with top criminal lawyers in the city of Calgary, they have a wide array of resources, knowledge and expertise to ensure that your application is prepared with the professionalism and attention to detail it requires in order to optimize your outcome.

The Pardon Group prides itself in offering its clients a one on one client service. Every client’s case is unique and we, at The Pardon Group, individually assess your situation in order to determine what documents or materials must be compiled, so that we go above and beyond the basic requirements of the application process.

The process includes, but is not limited, to obtaining documents from Police, RCMP, Courts, Parole offices, Medical offices, etc.

There have been numerous cases where a person has contacted us in great frustration after the company he hired to do his Record Suspension was incapable of meeting the extraordinary, additional requirements from the Parole Board in order to process his application. In each of these cases, The Pardon Group was successful in meeting the extra requirements for successful completion, submission and outcome of these applications.

Unlike our competitors, our goal is to build relationships with our clients. We are very cognizant of the fact that our clients find themselves in an unfortunate and stressful situation, having to deal not only with the stigma of having a criminal record, but also with the limitations they are forced to face when it comes to employment, education, travel, volunteer-work, sponsorship or attaining citizenship.

That is why, we not only pride ourselves on having all the tools and knowledge to assist them but equally important, the empathy and compassion to see them through the process of obtaining their Record Suspensions, knowing that they have our ongoing professional and personal support to do so.

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In 2012 after waiting more than 2 years the Pardon Company I had hired to do my Pardon informed me they had no success in getting the extra documents the Parole Board had requested. Therefore they sent me back my file and asked me to get the documents on my own. I had no Knowledge of where or how to go about it, So a friend of mine told me to contact The Pardon Group. Maria was able to obtain these documents and from start to finish, she was not only professional and competent, but had great compassion and empathy for my situation.

I got my Pardon in a timely manner. I highly recommend The Pardon Group to anyone who needs a Pardon.

starH.D. Calgary, Alberta

Maria helped me immeasurably with receiving my US waiver, but more importantly with all of the red tape and idiosyncrasies involved in applying and waiting for approval.  Maria is professional, informed and very understanding.  I received my first two waivers for six month periods and finally received a five year waiver on my third application.  I feel this would not have happened without Maria’s guidance and step by step instructions!!  Maria has knowledge and access to exacting application requirements and is the answer to anyone needing help with any waiver/pardon documents.  On a scale of 1 to 5, Maria and the Pardon Group rate a 5+ based on my proven results.

starL.K. Calgary, Alberta