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Traffic Offences and Traffic Violations are breaches of Provincial Legislation and do not result in a criminal record.  However, certain traffic offences can result in very significant fines, lengthy driving suspensions, and in rare circumstances, jail.

There are generally two types of tickets you may be issued. One is a red coloured ticket, and the other is yellow.  If you do not show up to court to deal with your yellow ticket, you will be convicted in your absence on the date indicated as your court appearance.  As a result, you may incur steep fines and demerit points.  Non-attendance for red tickets is much worse.  Typically red tickets indicated that your personal attendance is required.  Failure to show up will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, which can create embarrassment and extreme inconvenience when you do get arrested.

The main governing legislation to be aware of is the Traffic Safety Act. Apart from being charges directly under the provisions of this act, you may also be charged with breaching Rules of the Road regulations.  To determine if the offence you have been charged with has any demerits associated with it, you may want to reference Demerit Point regulation.

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