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“We would highly recommend Luke Faught”

October 2017
“We would highly recommend Luke Faught. He is an exceptional lawyer who does incredible work, which has the added benefit of his experience as a former Crown Prosecutor. He was available after hours on a Friday evening, when we needed to find a lawyer, and with each visit he was welcoming and positive. Not only did his vast legal knowledge win our case and give us our lives back, but his reassuring and steady manner helped to keep us sane through one of the worst experiences of our lives. This is a good man, who will do amazing work for you!”
– J.M. & A.B.

“I respect Luke Faught for taking my case and clearing my name”

October 2017
“I respect Luke Faught for taking my case and clearing my name. I have nothing but gratitude towards him, and would highly recommend him to anyone else. Many thanks to Luke and Oykhman Criminal Defence Law!”
– E.B.

“Highly Recommend Michael Oykhman”

October 2017
“Highly Recommend Michael Oykhman. He’s very efficient and effective at what he does. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome and cannot thank him enough for his guidance and counsel!”
– K.B.P

“I would highly recommend Michael Oykhman”

September 2017
“I was charged with a DUI and was feeling completely hopeless. I called and spoke with many lawyers in Calgary and got the impression that the majority only cared about having their fee paid. After filling out a form on Michael Oykhman’s website, he called me back in a timely manner and we setup an in person meeting to discuss my case. Even though I thought I had no chance of winning my case Michael gave me the belief that we had a chance. Low and behold a week before trial I get a phone call from Michael saying the charges have been dropped. I would highly recommend Michael Oykhman if you need counsel. Thank you Michael!”
– M.H.

“Very professional, kind, minimal time.”

September 2017
“At first I was very scared. Once talking to Elizabeth and she explained all the options, I was at a much better peace of mind. It is not a situation you ever want to be in. I proceeded with her knowledge and very kind understanding. There was a tough road to follow. Through that road, all charges were dropped! I was so very very thankfully. Very professional, kind, minimal time. Thanks Elizabeth!”
– B.A.

“I can’t thank Michael enough for the time & dedication he put into my case.”

September 2017
“I was charged with Dangerous Driving, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, and Blood Alcohol Level above 0.08. I hired a lawyer who after 6 months told me that it was useless to pursue my case & I should plead guilty. For me pleading guilty was not an option because I was very concerned about having a criminal record.

After reading reviews, I got rid of my lawyer & I hired Michael. Within two months of handling my case all charges were dropped. I didn’t believe it could happen but Michael was able to secure me with the best possible outcome.

I can’t thank Michael enough for the time & dedication he put into my case.”

– J.D.

I would recommend Michael to anyone…

September 2017
“I found myself in an unfamiliar and scary situation when I was charged with an impaired driving charge. This was my first time ever having a brush-in with the law and I did not know where to turn. Michael Oykhman was referred to me by a peer. After sitting with Michael and discussing my case, not only did I feel a sense of relief about what the process was, I also felt I was supported, educated and I was not judged based on my charge. Michael was prompt in answering any of my questions and phone calls and provided an exceptional service both professionally and personally. I would recommend Michael to anyone who finds themselves in a situation like this, in my personal opinion he tops the scale on what a lawyer should be. I am also happy to disclose that my charge was stayed and I could resume life where it left off. Thank you Michael and team for the support during this incredibly trying time.”
– S.C.

“Michael is definitely a great lawyer to take in consideration!”

September 2017
“Michael is definitely a great lawyer to take in consideration! Since the very first moment, he always took care of my case. It was such a long journey but the final results couldn’t be better! I’m thankful to his work and to all his team for always supporting me, for always getting back to me with new updates regarding to my case. Today I’m free of charges and got my criminal record clean! I highly recommend his services to someone who’s dealing with criminal charges!

Thank you Michael!”

– G.

“Above and beyond the call of duty”

August 2017
“I met Michael as most people do, in a time of crisis. What I experienced after hiring Michael and his firm to represent me was to say the least “above and beyond the call of duty.”
I believe the success Michael and his colleagues have been able to attain is that they really listen to their clients and use this knowledge to put forward the best and most realistic defense possible.
In my particular case,, which was very complicated, it was Michael and Elizabeth’s ability to listen, formulate a strategy and then guide me through the legal process (which I have never encountered before) serves as a testament to their knowledge of law and compassion for their clients.
For their services rendered, in my case, I can think of only one word: ” Priceless ”
Thank you Michael, Elizabeth and your kind staff for helping me to regain my life back.”
– K.W.

“Michael is very sincere and truly cares for his client.”

August 2017
“I would highly recommend Michael Oykhman and his team. Michael is very sincere and truly cares for his client. I am truly impressed with his professionalism and happy that my charges are fully withdrawn.”
– T.H.

“I would very highly recommend Michael Oykhman as your lawyer.”

August 2017
“I would very highly recommend Michael Oykhman as your lawyer. I was very impressed by the way the case was handled and the personal attention I received directly from Michael. Any concern or question that I had was dealt with almost immediately and thoroughly. I was very happy with the results and Michael’s team. Thank you again..”
– A.M.

“Fees were very affordable and the service was worth ten time I paid.”

August 2017
“Awesome law firm, always answered my calls and phone me back when I left a message. Never made me feel like they were doing it just for the money and actually cared about the outcome !!!! I would recommend Elaine and her team over any lawyer in Calgary. Fees were very affordable and the service was worth ten time I paid ! Had dui and a theft charge and four failure to appear!!! Elaine and her colleagues were able to have all charges stayed and including the 4 failures that I was definitely guilty of. I am still totally amazed with my first phone call with Michael who put me in good hands with Leah Staples who moved on to bigger and better I’m sure. However she left me with Elaine, an amazing up and coming lawyer that I’m sure will be a judge some day, very smart and punctual. She is superwoman in my eyes and worked miracles. I am forever grateful. If anyone ever wants help, Oykhman/Savage is your team !!!!”
– E.D.

“I would highly recommend Ian Savage as your lawyer.”

August 2017
“I would highly recommend Ian Savage as your lawyer. He was very professional and took his time to make sure everything went according to plan. There is a reason why he is one of the top DUI lawyers in Alberta. He made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I will always keep him in mind and recommend him to anyone.”
– C.L.

“Elizabeth and team did a phenomenal job in looking after my case.”

July 2017
“Elizabeth and team did a phenomenal job in looking after my case. As I wasn’t familiar at all with the whole process, she educated me and made everything extremely easy from start to finish. I received excellent value for her service and would wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth and the rest of the team at the firm. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!”
– K.A.

“Mike will forever be my lawyer and I recommend his services to anyone”

July 2017
“To be told that you are being arrested for spousal assault is shocking enough. It’s even more shocking when you know you didn’t do it and that your girlfriend called the cops just because she wanted to embarrass you. This happened to me and yes, I thought of jumping from a tall building. But someone told me to call Mike. He sat with me, listened and promised to represent me. On my very first appearance, the no-contact order was removed and three weeks later Mike called me disclosing that the Crown was willing to withdraw all charges. At my last appearance, I saw other men- with lawyers – whose cases had been lingering for seven months. Mike will forever be my lawyer and I recommend his services to anyone – particularly men/women who are the victims of falsehoods.”
– C.H.

“I would definitely recommend Michael Oykhman and his team.”

July 2017
“I would definitely recommend Michael Oykhman and his team. Not only were my charges dropped but the professionalism and empathy I was shown gave you confidence knowing someone was working just as hard as you would be to obtain the best possible result. For anyone looking for lawyer he is one of the best hands down.”
– R.D.

“I would not hesitate to recommend them”

July 2017
“Michael Oykhman and his team delivered a high standard of legal services that lead to the best possible outcome for me and I would not hesitate to recommend them. He set a realistic timeline that was achieved two months earlier than anticipated and always acted in my best interests. The entire team was responsive to my questions throughout the process, always offering answers within a week. The combination of this resulted in the best outcome: my charges were dropped and my record has been restored.”
– K.J.

“Elizabeth Weisenburger was a treat to work with.”

June 2017
“Elizabeth Weisenburger was a treat to work with. She handled my case with expediency and helped me every step of the way. I really liked her ability to empathize with me, and help me through some of the melancholy I was experiencing. Letting me know there are things we can try, no guarantees. It took a lot of weight off my shoulders, and made me feel hopeful. In the end, everything turned out right. I am very appreciative of her approach, and her experience.”
– T

“I am thankful to have had Elizabeth Weisenburger work on my case.”

June 2017
“I am thankful to have had Elizabeth Weisenburger work on my case. Throughout the entire process Elizabeth demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, high attention to detail, and was very efficient in resolving my case with a positive outcome. In addition, from the very beginning Elizabeth educated me on the process, my rights, and what I could expect during the resolution of my case which was very reassuring. I would highly recommend the law services of Elizabeth Weisenburger.”
– L

I would highly recommend Michael and his team.

June 2017
“From my initial phone-in meetings with Michael Oykhman, he displayed a genuine interest in helping with my case. His approach was thorough, supported by a substantial research which complemented his experience and knowledge in law. As a client (away from Calgary), I was more than confident with his approach to my case and his personality enabled me to develop more trust factor on his advice. And if you need a defense lawyer in future, I would highly recommend Michael and his team.”
– N.M.

I highly recommend Elaine or any of her colleagues at Michael Oykhman Defense Law

June 2017
“Six months ago I made a terrible mistake. I spoke to Michael Oykhman to begin with. He recommended Leah Staples. When she was no longer available, Elaine Ng took over my case. I can say now I am so happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Elaine or any of her colleagues at Michael Oykhman Defense Law in any criminal matter.”
– S.R

Calling Michael Oykhman was the best choice…

June 2017
“Calling Michael Oykhman was the best choice made during a time that created a lot of uncertainty and stress to our family from an impaired driving charge. The long term effects of a guilty charge would have been devastating. Michael found substantial errors in the process of the arrest resulting in an absolute discharge of the case four months later. These unfortunate situations often provide opportunities for people to re-evaluate their current lifestyles and other than the financial costs associated with retaining an excellent lawyer like, Mr. Oykhman, there can be light at the end of the process and thanks to Michael all of that has been fully realized. His services were worth every dime as a guilty charge would have resulted in much higher personal and monetary costs. Michael was the best, and in hindsight, the only choice. His thorough and personal touch with this file was what resulted in a total best case scenario outcome.”
– E.A.

Excellent and exceptional professional service…

June 2017
“Excellent and exceptional professional service from Ian and his staff during my recent DUI charge. Thank you for your assistance and positive outcome.”
– T.S.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael and his team

June 2017
“All little over a year ago I made a bad decision based on some bad advice which ended up with me being in a lot of trouble with the law. As a husband and father I was terrified. I called Michael based on his many positive reviews and I’m very glad I did. He was very professional and honest. He laid everything out for me and didn’t sugar coat it. My charges were serious and could have made my life very difficult and although it seemed like there was a very good case against me, Michael and his team worked very hard to find mistakes made by the arresting officers and ultimately let to my case being withdrawn. My family and I are very grateful for the help that we received. I learned a very hard lesson, but the outcome could have been a lot worse. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael and his team to anyone who finds themselves in need of a good criminal defense lawyer.”
– D.B.

Elaine is an excellent lawyer

June 2017
“Elaine is an excellent lawyer, she gave me great news today!!!
I came back from my holidays at the beginning of the year with a public mischief charge and it basically had me worried to the extent that I couldn’t eat or sleep anymore without thinking something bad was going to happen. I got a hold of Elaine and gave her all my information and she got more information and she got my case stayed which is excellent , I am so happy for what the outcome an extreme weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I thank Elaine for her knowledge of the case that she dealt with for me. I highly recommend Elaine or any of her colleagues at Oykhman to help you in a criminal matter that you are not sure about. Elaine is one heck of a lawyer she is awesome at what she does. Thank you again Elaine.”
– S.P.

“I found myself charged with crimes…”

June 2017
“I found myself charged with crimes I couldn’t understand the basis of. Being a part of the group of people who don’t qualify for Legal Aid and can’t afford a lawyer, I was beyond stressed as I contemplated navigating the criminal justice system on my own. Danielle heard of my predicament and offered to take the case with a payment arrangement that I could manage. Her friendly professionalism helped ease my frayed nerves and her never-ending confidence that she could help put this matter behind me was unshakeable. The end result was I still have a clean record and faith that there is help available for those who need it. Thanks, Danielle! I couldn’t have made it through without your assistance.”
– C.M.

Elizabeth got me a great result!

May 2017
“I called Elizabeth to help me with a traffic ticket. She was courteous, kind and prompt in every interaction and quickly resolved the matter to great satisfaction. I highly recommend Elizabeth, she is a great lawyer.”
– B.K.

Michael gave me the best result.

May 2017
“I came to Michael’s office because I found myself in a bad situation. I was charged for assault when i was protecting my child from somebody’s harm. Michael took over the case in a timely manner. He’s good at what he do, i have to say it. At last, my case was dropped/stayed and I am so thankful for what he did for my family. There’s no word can express my thank to his crew and him. I would recommend Michael to anyone who seeking the best defense lawyer. Michael will deliver the best result to you.”
– R.C.

Best decision I could have made.

May 2017
“In a very traumatic time in my life it was extremely fortunate that I got the personal recommendation to use Michael Oykhman as my lawyer, and it was the best decision I could have made.

He helped to calm the waters and set me through a path to deal with, and move past, my charges. The whole experience with him, and his law firm was extremely positive and professional. All questions were dealt with quickly and thoroughly, all correspondences were clear and informational. To add to this Michael’s calming demeanour, coupled with his honest input, helped me to understand, and clarify my case, and what my chances were to get a positive outcome, which is exactly what he was able to do for me.

I would not hesitate to fully recommend Michael and his law firm to anybody that is looking for a thorough, competent, caring, professional lawyer who is going to get the best outcome for you!”

– K.J.

Michael and his team have given me a second chance at a normal life.

May 2017
“I found myself in a very hopeless situation. I had a severe alcohol addiction issue and made the mistake of driving my vehicle while intoxicated one day. I had an accident in the process and was arrested on the spot. I blew several times over the legal limit, there were 8 witnesses at the accident and I was arrested immediately. I knew I was was in BIG trouble…. So I called Michael to help me navigate through the legal process. Two days before my court trial date, Michael phones me to tell me that my case has been dropped/stayed. I asked him how did that happened? And his answer was that “it’s because I am excellent at what I do.” And its true he is. He then proceeded to give me some excellent advice to deal with my addiction. Michael and his team have given me a second chance at a normal life. I can’t thank him and his team enough for the work they did for me. I am happy to provide referrals to Oykham so feel free to call their office to get my # if you are looking for a reference to their remarkable service.”
– J.F.

“The Best Results”

April 2017
“With my situation being charged with dangerous driving and never having a criminal charge before, Michael’s services were exceptional to have my charge withdrawn. It was a huge relief to have this result and the ability to continue with my life as normal as before the incident. I would recommend Michael to anyone who gets into a similar situation, because he is exceptional at what he does and he works very hard to give and deliver the best results for his clients. I highly recommend Michael to represent anyone.”
– S.A.

Thank you Danielle!

April 2017
“Danielle was really easy to talk to and work with. She responded quickly to what we needed. Thank you Danielle!”
– M.D.

Would highly recommend his services to anyone I know.

March 2017
“Michael was super professional and took care of my legal needs very quickly and to my benefit. Would highly recommend his services to anyone I know.”
– K.L.

Best option one could have.

March 2017
“Best option one could have. I was arrested and charged with a DUI and dangerous driving. I had very low hope for a positive outcome which Michael and Bev countered with support and confidence. They were always helpful and available and had no issues explaining the options clearly and thoroughly. Michael ended up being able to make note of a flaw in how the arrest was made which ended up getting 2 criminal charges down to one careless driving ticket. Extremely blessed to have had Michael on my side and would recommend his services to anyone in need of such.”
– J.W.

Very much worth every dime.

March 2017
“A few months late to review, but I have to thank Michael from the bottom of my heart for getting me through my theft case at the end of 2016. It was a hard road with everything against me but Michael worked hard to get me the best deal I could ever ask for. I am able to live each day as normal as I can, while dealing with my consequences and taking all the necessary steps to make my life better and to prove that the person I was being was not who I really am. Thanks so much Michael, for getting me the chance to continue my life. I highly recommend Michael and his team for their services. Very much worth every dime.”
– D.

Best decision I ever made!

March 2017
“Leah Staples did an amazing job in helping me resolve my legal matters!

Facing an impaired driving charge and a possible criminal record, I needed lawyer to resolve this. Stressed and a little overwhelmed, my consultation with Leah was a very nice experience. She was very informative & thorough with her details on how she could help and what may be needed on my part. Her diligence and experience helped make my process through this matter a lot less stressful. As a result, my charges were all dropped. I did not have to go to my final court date.

Best decision I ever made! I highly recommended Leah Staples for your legal matters. She helped me get my life back on track!

Thanks Leah, you were amazing!”
– B.K.

Elizabeth is an amazing lawyer

March 2017
“I had an impaired driving charge and met with Elizabeth Weisenburger for the free initial consultation. During the meeting she was very thorough and took time to explain all the possible course of actions and outcomes of the situation.

I was very upset and worried going into the meeting, and meeting with her made me feel a lot more at ease. I hired her to be my lawyer and she was amazing. She eventually got all my charges dropped, before even going to court. I can’t recommend her enough. Hiring her was the best decision I’ve made. Her fee was a small price to pay in comparison to the consequences of being found guilty to impaired driving.

Elizabeth is an amazing lawyer, I am so thankful that I hired her.”
– K.M.

Danielle came to the rescue!

February 2017
“Danielle came to the rescue! I was going through a horrible experience trying to deal with a refusal to blow charge.

I immediately hired the first lawyer I could find, being scared and not knowing what I was dealing with. Turns out this lawyer would not answer my calls, texts or emails. As my trial date was coming close I knew I needed to do something and fast. I went and spoke with another attorney and that was when Danielle was recommended to me. She took the time out of her weekend to meet with me, and from the moment I sat down and started talking with her my mind was put at ease. She was very kind and well-informed on the situation. I hired her right on the spot and from then on whenever I tried contacting her she was always there to answer any questions or even just to calm my nerves. She was prepared and well organized going into trial, and I am happy to say I am driving again!

I would strongly recommend Danielle to anyone who is going through this unfortunate circumstance.”
– J.R.

Best decision I ever made.

February 2017
“As a dad, I had full custody of of my two kids. In a desperate attempt to regain custody of our kids, my estranged wife alleged that I had sexually assaulted her causing bodily harm. I was devastated. I spend 30 days in the Remand Center, and my kids went to my family during that time. I hired Danielle Boivert to represent me. Best decision I ever made. She thoroughly explained my options and suggested the best course of action. She went through the steps to take, the trial process, and all the little things in between that I would expect at the trial. The jury selection was an added embarrassment.

At trial, she successfully outmaneuver and outwitted the crown at every turn. She cross examined the main witness, my estranged wife, so expertly, that no other witnesses (including myself) had to testify. Danielle had exposed her in so many lies, that he crown dropped the charge!! She preformed a miracle that had saved me and my 2 kids.

I would recommend her for anyone facing any criminal charge. She has a keen intellect, an unbelievable memory, and, she actual cares about her client. Best outcome for a real nightmare.”
– B.L.

I am very happy with Mr. Oykhman

January 2017
“I am very happy with Mr. Oykhman, I got my case withdrawn in few months without appear to the court.”
– S.C.

I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer

January 2017
“I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. From the beginning to the very end of this whole process, Michael and his team provided utmost professionalism and completely exceeded any expectations in, and out of the courtroom. I cannot thank Michael and his team enough for their dedication to meet and exceed my requests”
– S.H.

Truly dedicated to every case

January 2017
“I was little bit sceptical about reviews finding them unreal and too good to be true. But today I am writing one….
In my case it wasn’t just about criminal record. If Mr. Oykhman didn’t win my case, I was going to lose my Permanent resident, and forced to leave Canada.
Thanks to Mr. Oykhman, I am still here and for all the sceptical ones, I can confirm all these reviews are real and he is really top one and truly dedicated to every case.
Thanks again Mr. Oykhman.”
– D.N.

We are thankful that we had Mr. Luke Faught…

January 2017
“Over Christmas, Christmas 2016, my son was involved in an extremely unprecedented situation. We are thankful that we had Mr. Luke Faught handle all the criminal issues and challenges. Luke worked so diligently with my son, and honestly and compassionately with family members. Our entire family became aware of not only Luke’s high education level, knowledge of Alberta and Canadian law but also his integrity. His patience, lack of prejudice and sincere concern for his clients rates him in the highest levels of ethical professionalism, and with all of the above, uses his skills to resolve cases in a manner that best suits his clients. Thanks again, Luke!”
– C.P.

The end result exceeded my expectations

January 2017
“The professionalism and mannerism that Michael has definitely were an asset in getting the desired result for my case. With the seriousness of the case the results exceeded my expectations, in very short amount of time.

Once things started to go our way he didn’t stop until we had gained as much as there was to gain. The end result exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Michael!”

– L.O.


November 2016
“Michael is awesome!!!!!!!!!
He is the man!!!!!!!!!!!
He was able to get all my charges dropped before going to court. I now have my life back!!! I can not thank him enough. TOP NOTCH Lawyer.”
– C.L.

I am so glad that I chose him to represent me…

November 2016
“In my case, I was involved in an unfortunate situation. I read very good reviews about Mr. Oykhman. I am so glad that I chose him to represent me and would highly recommend him if you find that you are also in need of a lawyer. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and client-oriented . Whenever I or my family had a question, he was quick to respond in a timely fashion and provide the answers, never were we left “hanging” or uninformed. He calmly guided us through the judicial process with unparalleled expertise. His fees were more than fair and in fact, much less than I thought they would be. If you are in need of a lawyer, trust the other glowing reviews here seek his representation. Thank you again, Mr. Oykhman! My family and I are so appreciative.”
– S.N.

Look nowhere else – highly recommended

October 2016
“Anyone looking for an awesome lawyer needs to contact Michael! I found myself being pulled over and in a situation where charges for impaired driving were laid. Given what transpired, the outlook of beating the charges looked pretty bleak to me. I contacted Michael after the raving reviews I read about him online. He was very accommodating and went out of his way on a Sunday to meet me. He was professional and honest in assessing my side of the story. The solid advice and confidence he gave in this meeting led me to hand my case to him with zero hesitation or even consulting any other lawyer. I was super impressed with him and his team throughout the whole process: I was kept in the loop and up to date, and had any questions I had answered promptly. He had all the charges dropped with no conditions in advance of the court date! I strongly recommend Michael to anyone who needs a great defence lawyer.”
– O.B.

I am forever indebted to Michael and his team and would recommend him ten times over.

October 2016
“Mistakes can be made very easily in life and sometimes to stop a giant snowball you just have to stand in front of it and get hit. I learned a good lesson from a DUI charge this year. Luckily, Michael Oykhman was recommended to me from a good friend. Michael met with me the Sunday after it happened on his day off. He spent ample time with me to learn my case and figure out how to help without judging me for my mishaps. During the next couple days I even met with some other lawyers in town to cover my due diligence, but all of them barely spent 20 minutes with me. My court date was scheduled far in advanced from my initial charge, but at any time if I had questions I just called Mike and he would be there. When I walked into court an emotional wreck, Michael held things together for me in a professional manner and calmed me down with his demeanour. Due to Michael’s delivery of my case, all charges were dropped within the hour and I walked out a free person with no criminal record. I am forever indebted to Michael and his team and would recommend him ten times over. To anyone reading this, you may already be in need of Michael’s services, however, use your story to remind others not to make this same mistake. I consider myself very lucky and will take every precaution not to repeat this situation.”
– M.S.

Best Lawyer in Town

October 2016
“After being charged with impaired driving, I retained Michael and am extremely pleased with the services he provided. He is very knowledgeable, professional and understanding. Michael kept me up to date about everything that was happening with my case. Within 3 weeks all my charges were dropped. I would highly recommend Michael as a lawyer to anyone!”
– K.S.

A Guardian Angel…

September 2016
“A Guardian Angel. Michael answered his phone at 10 o’clock at night and he and his associate helped us navigate the intimidating criminal justice system over the next 72 hours. They were available to us 24/7, clearly explained our options at each step and answered all of our questions promptly. It felt like having a guardian angel watching over us. If you have a criminal matter that you need assistance with, this is the man you need to contact. Thank you again Michael and Elizabeth.”
– S

All charges were dropped.

September 2016
“I was charged with assault for a minor scuffle. I knew I was in good hands with Michael’s solid legal advice and preparation for my pending case. Because of his knowledge, advice and legal expertise, all charges were dropped. Michael and his team take pride in providing not only the right result, but quality customer service along the way. I heartily recommend Michael Oykhman to anyone seeking legal counsel!”
– N.P.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer!

August 2016
“Best Criminal Defense Lawyer!
Michael Oykhman kicks ass! He’s got me out of 3 separate jams. We’re 3 for 3 now Michael. First charge – I was blind drunk at the bar and it got it little out of hand. No problem! 2nd charge – A business competitor was mad because I allegedly unloaded his equipment from his trailer to inspect it. Not an issue with Mike. 3rd charge – Supposedly blew a wee bit over the legal limit – All charges dropped! I don’t have a criminal record and it’s because of Michael Oykhman. If you want the same thing, use him. If you want to take your chances, use cousin Vinnie. Thanks Michael. See you on the next round!”
– D.D.

Michael is a brilliant lawyer.

August 2016
“I first contacted Michael after looking him up online in 2013. My life was out of control because of alcohol and poor decisions. I was facing a domestic violence charge, he got the charge completely dropped. In 2015 I got another domestic violence charge and an impaired driving, over .08, and careless driving along with a few other tickets involved in that incident. He got the domestic charge dropped with a peace bond, the impaired, .08 , and all associated tickets dropped as well . I only received a fine for careless driving in all. Again in 2016 I received a refusal to blow on the road side screening device, with other associated charges. I was looking at going to jail. The charges were serious. Including,
Driving while disqualified, Failure to comply with condition of undertaking or recognizance (breach of condition) Failure or refusal to comply with demand (refusal to comply with a demand made) Failure to stop at scene of accident, Failure to stop when pursued by police, and Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. A Plea bargain was made, which avoided a 2 day trial. I plead guilty to Dangerous driving and refusal to provide a breath sample. Michael kept me out of jail, had a large fine dropped, and had the other 4 charges dropped.

I am very grateful for Michael’s dedicated professionalism. He also personally cares for his clients and their life styles. He is very easy to talk to, friendly and understanding of the situation you are in. He has defended me through 2013 to 2016, and is supportive and caring with each and every case. If you want the best defense with assault and impaired charges, I highly recommend Michael Oykhman.”
– J.J.C.

Top Lawyer in the Calgary area.

August 2016
“Charges from outside of Calgary near Okotoks Michael had helped me through this time with getting both charges dropped. Michael has been very thoughtful and professional throughout the tough times.

Top Lawyer in the Calgary area. Recommended to anyone facing traffic charges.”

– D.P.

I’m very thankful I found Michael Oykhman…

August 2016
“I’m very thankful I found Michael Oykhman as my lawyer for impaired driving, the provincial court of Okotoks quashed my case right away I got my drivers licenses back and no criminal record on file. Once again thank you for the service you provide to me.”
– V.P.C.

Contacting Michael put my concerns at ease…

August 2016
“I was facing a criminal charge as result of a domestic violence incident, contacting Michael put my concerns at ease, and was able to have my charges dropped with no criminal record. If you want to sleep well at night, do not hesitate to contact him, he’s known to be one of the very best around, a “stellar” criminal defence lawyer”
– J.K.

I have an extreme amount of gratitude for everything you have done…

July 2016
“I used Mr. Oykhman’s services several times in the past 4 years. I had a drug problem and I incurred about 20 various charges, thankfully I did not do any time in jail. Mike was always there when I needed him, his office was excellent for communication and I even remember getting arrested on a Sunday I phoned Mike and he was able to arrange a bail for me.

Mike, I have an extreme amount of gratitude for everything you have done for me and my family. I now have my life back and you are a big reason I am here today.

I recently contacted Mike on behalf of a friend and again Mike went above and beyond to help. I truly think Mike gave me my life back and his knowledge of the court system was incredible. I remember going into court with active warrants and getting released. The best legal representation ever but also a personal touch, Mike really cares and it shows.”

– M.B.

Michael is one of the best Criminal Defence lawyers

July 2016
“Michael is one of the best Criminal Defence lawyer’s I have ever had work on my case and one of the finest persons I have ever met. He is swift, sharp and works diligently towards your case and is famous for getting charges dropped. He is very easily accessible and responds to urgent phone calls, emails and even text messages – he responded to my emails in real time even after midnight while I’m sure he had court the next morning. I was lucky to have him represent me while I was going through a difficult time in my life and what a breeze of fresh air as he got the charges dropped. I had a few questions days after the case was closed and he answered my queries after closing my file and did not request any compensation for that – unlike many other lawyers in Calgary. Just a nice human being and a through gentleman who genuinely cares about your matter. Money well spent, many thanks Michael, wish you best of luck!”
– O.R.

I highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking counsel

May 2016
“Michael Oykhman has been a blessing to myself and my family. Winning cases for my brother, my sister and myself. For 5+ years of watching Mr. Oykhman work I’ve seen nothing but a dedicated professional who works hard for every client he has. I highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking counsel.”
– T.M.

Very professional, caring and easy to talk to

May 2016

“Micheal was recommended to me by friends of family that found themselves in very similar situation. He is very professional, caring and easy to talk to. Micheal was able to get all charges dropped, before court and I’d recommend him to anyone else, I know. I can’t even put this into words, on how appreciative I am.”
– N.A.

I will forever remain indebted to his kindness and professionalism

March 2016

“Everyone experiences moments of despair where there seems to be little or no options. I experienced one of those moments recently. The economic situation of our province has been difficult to many – after losing my house, my job and my lifestyle, I spent 12 months looking for work. I eventually began to sell any personal property that had some value, then found myself at the end of my capacity to borrow… a long and painful fall from a prestigious management consulting lifestyle to sharing a bathroom with 3 low-income roomates. I reached an all time low when I was faced to the prospect of having no roof over my head. I learned that in the face of total despair, people can make bad choices. I know did. I called a few criminal lawyers for advice but Michael returned my call almost immediately. He knew from my financial situation I would not be able to retain his services, but he took the time to listen, and provided clear, unbiased options that allowed me to recover from my circumstances. He may never know just how critical that crossroads was for me. I will forever remain indebted to his kindness and professionalism.”
– S.G.

Many thanks

February 2016

“Хочу порекомендовать хорошего криминального юриста со знанием русского языка. Попали в ужасную ситуацию и не знали к кому обратиться, что делать. Михаил помог нам, объяснив все требуемые шаги и документы. Дал возможность приготовиться к суду и прийти в себя, осознать что случилось и как справиться с этой огромной проблемой. Он составил список необходимых действий и мы следовали ему. К моменту суда у нас все было готово , а главное, мы были подготовлены Михаилом и знали, что можно ждать в будущем. Огромное ему спасибо за профессионализм, терпение, готовность ответить на все наши вопросы и тревоги. Никто не знает что нас ждет в будущем, но иметь такого человека очень важно для любого из нас.”
– D.M.

So thankful that I found Mr. Oykhman

November 2015

“Earlier this year I found myself in a terrifying position. As an American charged with a refusal to provide a breath sample to an officer of the RCMP I desperately needed help navigating the Canadian justice system. I quickly learned that a conviction would lead to my immigration status being changed to inadmissible to Canada, a country where I spent more than ten years working. A customer of mine insisted I call Michael Oykhman. From my first conversation with Michael that same day I began to see my situation was not hopeless and I had options. Over the next six months Michael worked diligently and professionally on my defense. When I met Michael in person he gave me and my case 100% of his attention and time. Through his hard work and experience Michael was able to make an agreement with the prosecutor that allowed me to continue to work in Canada and therefore keep my job. I never thought I would ever find myself in a position where I would need a criminal defense lawyer. So thankful that I found Mr. Oykhman. I strongly recommend his services.”
– B.M.

I can’t thank Michael enough

November 2015

“I can’t begin to explain how relieved I am that I had Michael represent me in a DUI case. I have never had so much as a speeding ticket in my life until I was stopped at a checkstop and was charged with blowing over .08. As a professional who needs my vehicle to visit clients for work and with my wife getting close to giving birth to our second child, I thought my life was over. I was desperate to have my situation resolved as soon as possible which seemed like an impossibility without the severe consequences of pleading guilty just to “start the clock” on being able to drive again. After meeting with several lawyers and deciding that my case was definitely worth fighting, I decided that Michael was the one that truly cared about my situation and had the legal skills and social demeanour to quickly resolve my case (hopefully out of court). Through the process Michael explained everything and kept me up to date on how things were progressing. He always made himself available to personally answer any questions I had. In the end Michael pulled off what felt to me like a miracle and got my life back on track in time to save my career and most importantly make up for the burden my situation put on my family. I can’t thank Michael enough and would highly recommend him to anyone finding them self in a similar situation to me.”
– J.L.

Professional, non judgmental and on your side

October 2015

“I highly recommend Michael Oykhman to anyone who requires a criminal lawyer. He is professional, non judgmental and on your side. I had hit rock bottom and Michael has helped me to get an outcome better than anything I was expecting. He has given me the opportunity to rebuild my life. I highly recommend Michael if you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer.”
– J.N.

I would highly recommend this law firm

July 2015

“My career depended upon the successful resolution of my matter, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way Michael handled my case. He knew right away the best strategy to take to allow me to have my charges withdrawn, and was able to follow through as he promised, for a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend this law firm.”
– S.A.


June 2015

“Long story short. I found myself in a position that could destroy my future. I was so overwhelmed and every lawyer I spoke to gave me NO hope or even a glimmer of positivity in this difficult period. I emailed Michael and he laid out what he COULD try and do for me and he suggested Ooldouz for my case. I did everything she asked and the outcome was more than I could hope for. A second chance to learn from my stupid mistake and realize the consequences. I am thrilled to say this is my first time I had a run in with the law and definitely my last!! Great experience with this firm. Professional and friendly. They will fight your case to the end!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!”
– L.V.

Extremely professional and was great in explaining everything

June 2015

Michael represented me in my DUI case and was successful in getting my charges dropped. Micheal is extremely professional and was great in explaining everything. He is the best there is and I highly recommend him.”
– J.C.

My life is back on track now thanks to Michael

June 2015

“I cannot say enough about Michael and his law firm.  I was driving home one early morning after a night out when I was pulled over by a cop who  made me take a breathalyzer I blew over the legal limit and my life was turned upside down becoz I work as a driver. I called Michael’s office and he went out of his way to meet me on a Sunday. He took over my case and had my impaired driving charge dropped, in about 2 months. He was very professional in his work and also gave me a break on the original agreed price. My life is back on track now thanks to Michael. I highly recommend him to anyone facing similar charges.”
– H.K.

I would recommend Mr. Oykhman to anyone

December 2014

“I hired Michael in October to represent me on a domestic matter. He was very professional and fair as he successfully guided me through my options and timely completion of my case.He actually gave me a break on the original quoted prices.I would recommend Mr. Oykhman to anyone. life is back on track now thanks to Michael. I highly recommend him to anyone facing similar charges.”
– P.S.

Dedication to his profession and those he represent is beyond measure

December 2014

“It took one person 6 weeks to destroy our Daughter and her future. Michael took the time to listen and successfully gave her the future back. Michael’s professional approach and dedication to his profession and those he represent is beyond measure. We are grateful.”
– M.D.

His extensive knowledge of the law is outstanding

September 2014

“Michael successfully represented me in my DUI case. It was a very difficult and stressful time in my life and Michael’s professional manner was very reassuring. His extensive knowledge of the law is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.”
– J.C.

Honest, sincere and professional

August 2014

“Michael is the best lawyer I can ask for to represent me! He is very caring, kind, thoughtful, experienced and knowledgeable… all characters you can name to be an outstanding defense lawyer. Michael was prompt in answering all my emails and questions in an honest, sincere and professional manner with detailed advice addressing my concerns. He is a great person with respect and honor. He helped me to have all charges dropped today successfully with no conditions which are beyond my expectation! He has given me a second opportunity on life essentially by all his hardworking and efforts. I and my family greatly appreciate what Michael and his team has done to achieve the best outcome. I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone who needs a phenomenal criminal defence attorney on their side.”
– J.K.

I highly recommend Michael’s services

March 2014

“Michael came highly recommended by a  few of my peers and he did not disappoint.  Despite the difficulty of my case and the new laws and procedures making it more difficult to get DUI charges withdrawn, we were successful and all charges were dropped.  I highly recommend Michael’s services to anyone who requires them.”
– W.Y.

He is a very good lawyer

March 2014

“I would also highly recommend Michael.  He represented me professionally and successfully.  The charges against me were dropped.  He is a very good lawyer.”
– R.

You won’t find a better lawyer in the City of Calgary

February 2014

“I recommend Michael Oykhman to anyone who requires a criminal lawyer.  He is professional, non judgmental and he looks out for his clients best interest. I was in more trouble after I attempted to represent myself (do not attempt to do that) and his knowledge, skills, and dedication to me took the weight off my shoulders.  If i ever require a lawyer in the future then it will 100% be Michael Oykhman.  You won’t find a better lawyer in the City of Calgary.”
– C.P.

Very Satisfied!!!!

February 2014

“I highly recommend Michael.  He’s a great lawyer, he acquitted me, always easy to reach and he also made sure I got all my belongings too.  Very Satisfied!!!!”
– N.M.

It was an absolute pleasure having Micheal represent me

“It was an absolute pleasure having Micheal represent me successfully in my 3rd DUI case and I would happily recommend him to anyone requiring a lawyer. Thank you again Mike!”
– L.H.

Extremely proffesional and straightforward

“Michael has successfully represented me in a couple of cases of which I am extremely satisfied. Dealings with him are extremely proffesional and straightforward with a high degree of integrity. I would highly recommend him.”
– A.

Highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer

“I recently had Michael as my lawyer he was extremely professional and had my charges dropped. I was very satisfied with the way he handled my case and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer.”
– D.

Very personable and patient

“Michael was very truthful with me and devoted a lot of time and energy into every aspect of my case. He responded promptly to any of my concerns, and was very personable and patient in explaining any legal matters with me. Very pleased with the outcome of my case and I would highly recommend Michael to anyone experiencing legal troubles.”
– T.P.

Always conducted himself in a kind and patient manner

“I was very satisfied with Michael’s services. He represented me professionally and successfully. All charges were dropped. In spite of a busy schedule, he always conducted himself in a kind and patient manner. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone requiring a lawyer.”
– B.F.

I am very grateful for his services

“Michael recently represented me in court and he successfully won my case by dropping ALL charges that were under my name. I knew from the very beginning that my case was very difficult and hard to achieve. From the time Michael took my case he was honest, patient, and extremely professional. He truly takes his cases and does everything possible to get the BEST outcome. I couldn’t believe what he had achieved with my case and I am very grateful for his services. I would recommend Michael’s services to anyone who requires a lawyer in any criminal offence.”
– J.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Michael’s services to anyone

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Michael’s services to anyone. Back in June 2011 I was charged with DUI and through his work all charges were withdrew by the Crown. A weight has been lifted and I can carry on with my daily routine without having this constant thought going through my head.”
– G.L.