Anny Wang


About Anny Wang

I am an Associate Lawyer with Savage Oykhman Law, Edmonton Branch. Savage Oykhman Law is a full-service criminal defence firm, with central offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Victoria. My background is in criminal, employment, and human rights law. My multidisciplinary legal experience has given me a unique lens for assessing legal issues and has prepared me to understand and advocate for my client’s needs more completely.

At Savage Oykhman Law, a large part of our practice is collaboration. By retaining one of us, you’re retaining the skills, knowledge and expertise of an entire team of advocates.

Approach to Advocacy

My litigation style is client-focused and grounded in research. The first step I take to representation is always to learn my client’s individualized needs. The circumstances of your situation are unique, and no two cases require the exact same approach. After tailoring a representation strategy to suit your needs, I then consolidate my legal knowledge with in-depth research, to work towards a resolution or a litigation strategy driven for success.

I have represented individuals charged with Criminal Code offences before the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench. I have also routinely assisted

  • Clients seeking pre-charge advice,
  • Clients subject to emergency protection order applications,
  • Clients accused of contravening the Traffic Safety Act, and
  • Clients appealing summary convictions at the Court of Queen’s Bench.

I have had a high rate of success at trial and, in the recent past, have achieved several published decisions from the courts acquitting my clients. I also have had a high rate of success outside of the courtroom, obtaining resolutions for my clients resulting in withdrawals of charges or outcomes with no criminal record.

Education, Accomplishments and Career Path

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Russian from the University of British Columbia. I then obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. During law school, I volunteered as a criminal law case worker with Student Legal Services, representing low income individuals. At Student Legal Services, I built upon a lifelong interest in criminal law with practical advocacy and client management. I also articled at a personal injury law firm in the summer, representing clients in legal disputes against insurers, medical practitioners, and businesses.

After law school, I articled with the Provincial Court of Alberta in Edmonton. My work with various judges of the Provincial Court gave me a unique insight into how judges assess competing facts, interpret changing law, and make their decisions.

I followed my court articles with working in employment and human rights law. There, I centered my practice around my client’s needs and expectations. I empowered my clients to stand up to discriminatory and abusive employers as well as enforce their rights and entitlements as employees. Due to my well-rounded knowledge of many different areas of law, I can provide a holistic service to my clients.

How I can Help

I represent all types of clients and all criminal charges. Thus far, my practice has focused on impaired driving and domestic assault offences, but I have been expanding my practice into the realm of drug trafficking, robbery charges, and more. Whatever the circumstances of your offence may be, I am passionate about tailoring a representation strategy to suit your individual needs.

If you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offence, or are seeking pre-charge or independent legal advice, contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to helping you navigate the justice system and advocating on your behalf.

Areas of Practice

  • Pre-Charge Advice
  • Emergency Protection Order Applications
  • Traffic Offences
  • Appealing Summary Convictions


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) of Psychology at the University of British Columbia
  • Minor in Russian at the University of British Columbia
  • Juris Doctor (JD) at the University of Alberta

Client Reviews

Danielle was incredibly professional and effective in the defense of my case. But more than that, she really listened and tried to help me personally. She was kind, honest and open when it came to my specific situation. I appreciate her sense of humanity. It wasn’t just a paycheck. She made me feel like I’m worth it and my life is worth it. Thank you for caring and for putting in the effort Danielle!! I couldn’t have done this on my own.


I found myself charged with crimes I couldn’t understand. Danielle heard of my predicament and offered to take the case with a payment arrangement that I could manage. Her friendly professionalism helped ease my nerves and her confidence that she could help put this matter behind me was unshakeable. The end result was I still have a clean record and faith that there is help available for those who need it.


Danielle Boisvert was my lawyer and I appreciate her professionalism and speedy responses. Danielle made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process and gave me the confidence that things would be taken care of. In no time at all Danielle told me the good news that she had successfully withdrawn my charges. Please contact Danielle Boisvert if you are facing criminal charges, you will not be disappointed!


Anny Wang was my defence attorney. I had never been in trouble with the law before but I found myself facing criminal charges. I had no idea what to do or what was going on. She took the time to explain everything to me and made time to answer my many questions. I took her advice at every turn and made me feel a lot better about going to trial. I felt prepared and knew what to expect. She got all the charges dropped just like she had predicted. She did an amazing job in court and out. I highly recommend Anny Wang to anyone facing criminal charges and needing legal counsel. Thanks again Anny Wang for everything you did!


Amazing service, professional and couldn’t ask for better results. Anny Wang was very clear about the process and thoroughly explained it. Was able to have my charges withdrawn, again amazing. Highly recommend Anny to anyone facing a criminal charge as she’s great to have in your corner when entering the court system for your first time. Thank you again Anny Wang!