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About Anny Wang

As an associate lawyer at Savage Oykhman Trial Lawyers, Edmonton Office, I have dedicated my practice exclusively to Criminal Law. The education path that got me to this point includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Russian from the University of British Columbia, as well as a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alberta. During law school, I volunteered as a criminal law case worker with Student Legal Services, representing low income individuals charged with low-complexity offences, and my passion for criminal law grew from this experience. I honed my court presentation skills through several law advocacy competitions, reaching second place in the Dean’s Cup Moot Competition. I was further honoured to compete and eventually coach the National Labour Arbitration Competition.

After law school, I secured a prestigious articling position with the Provincial Court of Alberta in Edmonton. In that role, I conducted extensive research for various judges of the Edmonton Provincial Court, and participated in numerous aspects of the judicial process not available to the public, or even to other lawyers. This gave me a unique insight into how judges approach cases and their decision making process. I believe this skillset helps me better represent our clients by making the right arguments and presenting the information that judges care about.

I followed my Provincial Court articles by working in employment and human rights law. While my passion has always been criminal law, I felt it was important to explore other areas of law to be a better advocate. Indeed, using my well-rounded knowledge of many different areas of law, I provide a holistic service to my clients. For example, by combining my knowledge of civil procedure and criminal law, I can effectively defend clients against civil forfeiture. If the government has applied to seize or has seized your vehicle, residence, cash, or other property, and alleges that the property was acquired with proceeds of crime or was used in the commission of a crime, I can build you an effective defence.  In fact, if you have been charged with ANY criminal offence, I am confident that my background and experience, along with that of our larger team, will give me an edge in building your defence.

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