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Breaching Charge in Calgary


Breaching Charge in Calgary

There are three main types of breaches you may be charged with:

  • Breach of Recognizance or Undertaking;
  • Breach of Probation; or
  • Breach of Conditional Sentence Order

Each type of breach is different and carries with it very different consequences.  It is therefore important to properly identify the type of breach alleged.

Breach & Failure to Comply

A breach or a failure to comply charges can be laid by police if you do not meet the requirement of your probation order or bail conditions. Any time that you are released from custody or given conditions as part of a sentence, police have the discretion to charge you with a criminal offence if you do not meet them. A breach may also arise from breaking conditions of a peace bond or recognizance.

Breach of Recognizance

A Breach of Recognizance or Undertaking refers to a breach of conditions of release. This may occur when you are still out on bail on charges that have not yet been resolved, and you have been accused of breaching the terms of your release. These beaches also include charges for Failing to Appear in Court, and Failing to Appear for Identification. A particularly damaging consequence of this type of charge is that you may lose the bail money you put up on your substantive charges.  A conviction for this offence also carries its own penalties and will be registered on your criminal record.

Breach of Probation

A Breach of Probation refers to a breach of conditions of sentence. This occurs once you have completed a matter and have been placed on probation as punishment for the underlying offence. A finding of guilt for this offence will usually result in a conviction being registered on your criminal record and a fine or jail sentence being imposed. In rare cases, you may be re-sentenced on the original charges for which you had received probation.

Breach of Conditional Sentence Order

A Breach of a Conditional Sentence Order refers to a breach of conditions of a house arrest sentence. Unlike a Breach of Probation, a finding that you have in fact breached the conditions does not result in a criminal record. However, a finding that one of the conditions has been breach creates a significant risk that you will spend the rest of the house arrest sentence in actual jail. Moreover, until the matter is decided, your house arrest sentence is suspended, and the duration of the sentence is in effect extended even longer. This type of breach will likely have the most serious implications for you and should be taken very seriously.

Breach Offence Charge

In order to uphold the integrity of the justice system and ensure the rule of law, the government has made it a criminal offence to breach most types of court orders and release documents issued in the context of criminal proceedings. These orders can come in many forms, including:

  • Appearance Notice
  • Promise to Appear
  • Undertakings to an Officer in Charge
  • Undertaking to a Justice
  • Recognizances
  • Probation orders
  • Peace bonds
  • Restraining orders
  • Emergency Protection Orders
  • Conditional Sentence Orders

As you might expect, Judges do not treat people who are alleged to have breached a court order made by one of their fellow judges lightly. This seriousness is demonstrated at all stages of your criminal case. Our criminal defence lawyers have the skills to help you defend against an allegation that you breached a court order.

Some of the most common breaches of court orders we deal with are:

  • No contact with a victim or witness involved in your case;
  • Not to possess or consume alcohol;
  • Not possess any weapons;
  • Being out past Curfew;
  • Not leave the Province of Alberta;
  • Not attend a certain residence or city;
  • Failure to attend for fingerprints;
  • Failure to appear for court;
  • Fail to attend to a probation officer;
  • Fail to take treatment or counselling under a probation order; and
  • Not be found behind the wheel of a motor vehicle

Bail Conditions for Breach Offences

The first point at which you will witness the seriousness of this allegation is when it comes to the “bail” stage, when the police and/or Justice of the Peace decide whether or not you will be released from custody while your charge winds through the court system.

It takes special skill to convince a police officer or Justice to release you when you are alleged to have breached a court order, because the allegation already demonstrates that you may not obey any conditions if you are re-released.

Changing your court order

If you are currently subject to a court order that is causing you excessive hardship, contact us immediately. We can help!

Depending on the specifics of your case, we may be able to have the problematic condition amended to allow exceptions, narrow it down, make it more flexible, or have it deleted altogether.

Achieving this requires a confident, trustworthy advocate on your side. We are skilled at negotiating changes to court orders with the prosecuting lawyer, and where that fails, we can apply to a judge.

Before the judge or prosecutor will agree to the change, they must be convinced that changing or removing the conditions will not compromise the safety of the alleged victims or witnesses on your case, or give you an opportunity to re-offend. Proving to them that requires sensitivity, truthfulness, and convincing legal submissions. Our Calgary-based criminal lawyers bring all those skills to your case.

Bail Conditions for Breach Offences

Based on your case, we may be able to develop a defence to the charge centering on one or more of the following issues:

  • Was the court order actually in force at the time of the alleged offence?
  • Did you have a good reason for breaching the order?
  • Did your conduct actually amount to a breach?
  • Was the order so confusing or vague that it is not possible to determine if you breached or not?
  • Are there any issues with the truthfulness or accuracy of the Crown’s witnesses to the alleged breach?

The Sentence

A conviction for breach of a court order will have a significant impact on your ability to get bail if you are ever alleged of a crime in the future. Do not make the decision to plead guilty lightly. Let us help. We will review the Crown’s case against you and your side of the story, and together we may be able to help you beat the charge.

If you are found guilty after a trial, or wish to plead guilty to minimize the damage, we can help! We may be able to negotiate a guilty plea to a non-criminal offence, or arrange for out-of-court resolution of your charge.

The maximum punishment for breaching most court orders is 2 years in jail, and/or a period of probation of up to 3 years, and/or a fine of several thousand dollars.

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Jonathon Himann
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Tianda Praud
Tianda Praud
02:53 01 Jul 20
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Brittany Collins-Berthelot
Brittany Collins-Berthelot
14:43 26 Jun 20
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Brendan Mcdonald
Brendan Mcdonald
16:15 16 Jun 20
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Chey Panda
21:27 28 May 20
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Conrad Taupert
Conrad Taupert
15:08 28 May 20
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classified666 .
classified666 .
19:42 27 May 20
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Mark Paolo Ramos
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Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
00:35 24 Apr 20
Thanks to Ryan for doing a great job, and for providing a sense of support and professionalism. My charge was stayed,... which is about the best result I could have hoped for, and better than I expected. Thanks to Crystal as well for everything she did, and for delivering me only good news, and to Amie for the communications she provided. All around very happy with everything, hopefully I never require their services again. 😉read more
Craig Stange
Craig Stange
15:35 23 Apr 20
I am going through an extremely difficult divorce and my ex made a power move by making an allegation against me that... involved the police and the start of a three month investigation. Upon the advise of a former RCMP member who is a good friend I engaged the Services of Michael to help with the investigation phase and contact by the city police. His services in dealing with the investigation and guiding me through this is beyond value. I would highly recommend his team. I am pleased to report that with his guidance the matter was dropped before charges, money well invested. If you get contacted by police your first call should be to his more
Daniel Araia
Daniel Araia
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David Prosser
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Haifaa Rofail
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Josh Hawryluk
01:24 27 Feb 20
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Marty Maksymetz
Marty Maksymetz
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jay xu
jay xu
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18:39 11 Dec 19
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Jessica Rafuse
Jessica Rafuse
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I was first able to speak to Michael Oykhman himself and felt understood and confident that his staff would take care... of my legal matters. I am happy to report that not only have my matters been resolved but they were exactly in line with my desired outcome. I never felt like I had to compromise my position regarding the events that lead to needing legal services. While my initial junior associate couldn't oversee my file to completion, my gratitude goes to Greg Janzen who took on my case midway through and advocated for me and saw my charges withdrawn in a timely matter. Greg went the extra mile to show up for my appearances even when they were outside the initial legal matter at hand, which surprised me and made my life so much easier. I was out of province for 5 months of the year and thanks to Greg was able to focus on my priorities instead of being limited and interrupted. If your considering a lawyer or in doubt about the value of legal services, do yourself a favor and consult this firm. While there are many names to consider, if you find yourself needing criminal defense lawyers, I am so thankful I made the decision to have this firm represent me.They have been supportive, understanding and expedient. I also saved money and appreciated that I wasn't hit with hidden fees and wasn't footing a bill that was inflated or unwarranted. You definitely get great value! I also super appreciated the face time and timely communication at each turn. Not only were my charges withdrawn but so too were my fingerprints and photos with police destroyed so it's like nothing ever happened. A dream come true. Excellent customer service from start to finish on top of the legal support! Thank-you all so much, and while I hope not to need you in the future, I know I will be in good hands and will refer anyone in similar circumstances to your firm in the future. Cheers!read more
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