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Criminal Justice Diversion for Persons with Mental Health Issues

>>>Criminal Justice Diversion for Persons with Mental Health Issues
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Criminal Justice Diversion for Persons with Mental Health Issues in Victoria

Criminal Justice Diversion for Persons with Mental Health Issues in VictoriaFor certain individuals with particular circumstances, what is commonly referred to as a “Mental Health Diversion” can not only be a great way to deal with Criminal Charges without ending up with a Criminal Record, but can be personally and even professionally beneficial.

In Victoria, the idea behind the Mental Health Diversion process is that certain instances of offending behaviour can be caused by untreated or poorly treated mental health issues combined with the inadequate and often inaccessible treatment available to the average person. Often when these issues are addressed, offending behaviour is reduced or eliminated. In these circumstances, it is far more beneficial to those involved to deal with the underlying cause of the offending behaviour than it is to simply punish the offender.

The Criminal Justice system is something of a blunt instrument in circumstances such as these and this program provides an opportunity for a more tailored approach. These programs focus on individuals with identifiable mental health issues who have commited a specific type of criminal offence.

The Crown is the gatekeeper of the program, and will often need to be convinced that a Mental Health Diversion is the most appropriate solution. Contact us today if you think you may be eligible for a Mental Health Diversion. We will make every effort to convince the Crown on your behalf that you are a good fit for the program.

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