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The Investigation

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The Investigation in Victoria

While many cities in British Columbia are policed by the RCMP, the city of Victoria has its own police force comprised of approximately 400 sworn and unsworn members. For all intents and purposes, the powers of investigation, detention, and arrest are the same between the police in Victoria and the police or RCMP in other cities in British Columbia. However, their training policies, techniques, and oversight is quite different. Further, due to the size and sophistication of the Victoria Police Department, they have a number of special departments or units designed to investigate different types of crimes. For example, some special units include the CRASH reconstruction team that was created to deal specifically with motor vehicle incidents, the Fraud Prevention Team that investigates and attempts to undercut fraud offenses in Victoria, and the Integrated Regional Domestic Violence Unit, which works on files that often cross regional boundaries and deal with their highest risk investigations into domestic violence .

When arrested in Victoria, the VPD will take you into custody. This means the police officer will take you to a police station, custody centre or the police cells at the courthouse. You may have to travel in a police vehicle to get there. The police officer may handcuff you.

While you are in custody, the police may:

  • ask you for your name and address
  • ask you to give a statement
  • interview you
  • fingerprint you
  • search you
  • ask to photograph you
  • charge you
  • charge you and give you bail.

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