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Driving Offences

Charges Withdrawn or Stayed

Case Number: Red Deer Provincial Court
Case Number: 762045

Our client was arrested after a large number of witnesses reported that he was driving his vehicle recklessly and in an extremely dangerous manner down the highway. The witnesses reported that he was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating other vehicles. Significantly, the Crown Prosecutor obtained dash cam footage of our client driving  through the middle of two other vehicles on a two-lane highway at an extremely high rate of speed.

Upon being retained, we ordered and reviewed disclosure. We identified a number of detrimental weaknesses in the Crown Prosecutors case, as well as a significant Charter violation that occurred during the investigation. We pointed the weaknesses out to the Crown and our client’s criminal charge was withdrawn prior to trial.

Successful Result: Charges Withdrawn, No Criminal Record

Case Number: Calgary Provincial Court
Case Number: 7518431

Our client was charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm for zigzagging through traffic and darting through a busy intersection on a yellow light. Our client’s dangerous driving ultimately caused a collision which resulted in a pedestrian being struck and hospitalized with numerous serious injuries.

Once we were retained, we immediately sought disclosure and found several inconsistencies in the eyewitness accounts of the incident. As the Crown Prosecutor’s case depended heavily on these accounts, we were able to leverage these weaknesses in subsequent resolution discussions with the Crown. As a result of our efforts, the charges against our client were stayed on the eve of trial.

Successful Result: Charge Stayed, No Criminal Record

Case Number: 562198

Our client was driving while his licence was suspended due to a prior impaired driving conviction. While driving, he was pulled over by the police for a tinted window infraction. When asked to provide the police with his driver’s licence, the police realized that he was operating a motor vehicle while his licence was suspended and then arrested our client.

Despite the strength of the evidence against our client, we were able to resolve the matter prior to trial. After negotiating with the Crown Prosecutor, it was agreed that the criminal charges would be dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to a traffic ticket and the payment of a fine.

Successful Result: Criminal Charges Withdrawn, No Criminal Record

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